Four of our most beloved products in the perfect set for a mark-free stretch! All in a decadent Lavender Vanilla Aroma.  Perfect as a gift, for travel or your hospital go-bag!


BODY BOOST SUGAR SCRUB- 2 oz- Raw sugar sweeps away dry, itchy skin for a smooth finish.  Regular cell turnover pushes damage up and out before marks form. No salt, so never drying! Blended with rich oils, Shea butter and plant extracts to nourish and heal.

BODY BOOST STRETCH MARK OIL- 1 oz- All natural blend of botanical oils rich in skin strengthening omegas and fatty acids.  Provides full body protection and promotes elasticity. Fights marks and soothes taut, itchy skin. Absorbs quickly to nourish skin deeply for silky, smooth finish.

BODY BOOST STRETCH MARK BUTTER- 1 oz- Rich and creamy butter that targets stretch mark prone areas of belly, chest, hips and lower back. Shea Butter whipped with Gotu Kola strengthens collagen to fight off marks and repair existing damage.

BODY BOOST AROMA MIST- 2 oz spray- Enjoy our signature Body Boost Lavender aroma anywhere.  Lavender promotes relaxation, better sleep and a sense of well being. Wrap yourself in this truly addictive aroma.