Sweep Away Dull Surface Skin and Itchies!

Exfoliating with Body Boost Raw Sugar Scrub pushes damage up and out to strengthen skin, even color, improve tone and kickstart damage repair.

2 oz.

    • Not only is itching uncomfortable, it’s your skin’s signal for help! That itchy skin is a sign there is damage deep down that can show up in six to eight weeks as stretch marks or loose, saggy skin that has lost its elasticity. Removing dry skin also aids in product absorption. Use Body Boost Raw Sugar Scrub in the shower to slough off dry skin and prep your body for the next step in stretch mark prevention.
    • Regular skin turnover pushes damage up and out before marks form, raw sugar sweeps away dry, itchy skin for a smooth finish.
    • INGREDIENTS THAT WORK: Blended with whipped Shea butter and Stretch Mark Oils to leave skin nourished and soft.
    • NO SALT=NO DRYING! Raw Sugar has natural acids that strip away dull, dry layers for soft, smooth skin. Salt is drying for sensitive skin.
    • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Safe for Pregnancy and Nursing. Clinically tested for ZERO allergy and sensitivity. Paraben, Phthalate and Mineral Oil Free. All Natural Milk and Honey Aroma. Made in the USA.
        • Raw Natural Sugar: Super fine grain that is gentle on taut, stressed skin. Carefully buffs away dry surface.

              • Sweet Almond Oil and Coconut Oil: Hydrates for super soft, moisturized skin.

              • Vitamin E: Pure skin conditioning and damage repair.

              • Chamomile Extract: Soothes at it promotes repair. ​ 


    Use in the shower twice a week on belly, bust, hips and dry spots. Rinse. For best Stretch Mark protection follow with Stretch Mark Oil or Butter